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Divorce & Separation


Mediation, Information and Assessment Meetings (MIAMs)

A MIAMs must be attended if someone wants to issue an application at court either about the arrangements for the children or to resolve your finances upon separation. I will invite your ex to a separate meeting too; it is important that they hear all the same information.

I give the other person 2 weeks to respond; I write to them by email and by post. 

I will see you ASAP and certainly within 10 working days. However, note that I do not issue the court form (see below) until either the other person says they do not want to attend OR if they do not respond at all (so there’s a wait of 2 weeks from the date I contact them to the issuing of the court form).

All MIAMs are conducted with you separately and whilst you are on your own. Note that the MIAMs are confidential except if I feel either of you or your child are in imminent danger OR you disclose in our meeting something which indicates there has been a breach of the Proceeds of Crime Act (e.g., not paying income taxes on cash received for work.)

MIAMs take about an hour and can take place online or in person. See Pricing for my charges.

IMPORTANT NOTE: I do not undertake legal aid MAIMs so please check before you make an appointment if you or your ex would qualify. There are exceptions to the requirement to attend a MIAM and you should find out if any of them apply to you.

What happens in a MIAMs?

i. You tell me a bit about your case and what’s happened so far.
ii. I discuss confidentiality and other mediation and non-court principles.
iii. Legal aid assessment, if not previously undertaken.
iv. I’ll assess for domestic or child abuse and check the process is safe for all.
v. I’ll explain all the non-court processes (see Sorting Things Out) their likely costs and timescales. I will do the same for the court process. I’ll also see if other professionals could help you in your situation.
vi. I will determine if your case is suitable for mediation or other out of court processes or court options (see Sorting Things Out for a preview).
v. I’ll explain next steps. 

If it is decided not to pursue non-court processes I can provide you with the form you need to issue your application at court. Note that this form has a ‘life’ of 4 months; if you don’t use the form within those 4 months then you will need to go through this process again.