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(Almost) Anything But Family Court

I wrote a book called (Almost) Anything But Family Court, edited by social enterprise Only Mums & Dads, which aims to encourage couples to reduce conflict at the point of separation (and thereafter). Published by Bath Publishing with all royalties going to Only Mums & Dads so they can carry on their vital work. 

The book outlines the people and processes you need to know about when separating if you wish to sort things out to avoid family court. It has been written to increase confidence, reduce stress, avoid wasting time and money. It’s a vital read for those experiencing a breakup.

The book has been endorsed by the President of The Family Division who wrote the foreword in which he notes:

"Having practiced as a lawyer, and now sat as a judge, in the family courts for over 40 years, I can tell you that there are no ‘winners’ at the end of family proceedings. To end up ‘fighting’ a case in the Family Court is a sign of failure and, as this book describes, often a cause for true loss in terms of emotional and mental well-being, and money.

(Almost) Anything But Family Court offers parents a detailed roadmap towards a positive goal. Oozing with common-sense and emotional insight, the available options and various routes are explained in non-legal language." Sir Andrew McFarlane, President of the Family Law Division.

Video of The President of the Family Law Division holding up the book at the Resolution Conference in 2022:

Video of The President of the Family Law Division talking about the book when he gave evidence to the House of Lords:

From the editors at OnlyMums & Dads:

"Fourteen years of working with parents going through divorce/separation through our not-for-profit organisation, OnlyMums & Dads, has confirmed our view that this book is both timely and necessary. We recognise that for some parents, court is an essential intervention: for many it is not.

It is our hope that this book will help you gain an understanding of the different types of third-party help that is available to support you during the divorce/separation process.

The true cost of going through family court remains hidden. Many parents who have taken this route report the same things to us: a deterioration in their mental health, their bank balance, and anxious children. Almost all report a downturn in their relationship with their ex and their wider family. Such negative outcomes are not quick to resolve.

There’s a clear message running through every page of this book. No matter how daunting and difficult, reaching an agreement with your ex outside of the family courts that works for both of you will be the best possible outcome for you and your family."

To purchase your own copy go directly to the Only Mums&Dads website: