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Hybrid Mediation or Lawyer Assisted/Supported Mediation

What is hybrid mediation?

Where one or both of you have your lawyers present in mediation with me as a mediator (or with me acting as your lawyer), see the Mediation section for more details on mediation itself. The lawyer(s) can be there all the time, or from time to time. In person (on Zoom or in the room) or just on the phone. They sign the Agreement to Mediate (or similar document) so that they are also bound by the rules of confidentiality.

As your mediator I work with your lawyers to create the agenda (what you’ll speak about or want to sort out) and resolve minor issues before getting started. It’s my role to stop a lawyer ‘grandstanding’ and other negative behaviours that prevent settlement.

I will be able to keep confidences and hold separate meetings (known as caucusing). Such confidences are not usually allowed in ordinary family mediation. This confidential information helps me to help you create solutions.

Could this work for you?

  1. If your lawyers are not getting anywhere in their letter/email writing. It feels like they are going at each other, falling out over everything and getting nowhere.
  2. You have a lawyer but your ex does not (or sometimes has a lawyer and sometimes doesn’t) - known as a litigant in person. As a mediator (and practising solicitor) I'm seen as a trusted professional who can explain the law, practise and procedure to the litigant in person. This can move things forward.
  3. Where there are high levels of conflict between you (and normally you’d have to go to court). I use my skills to sort things out including using separate meeting rooms (or Zoom rooms) and liaising with everyone.
  4. One of you would like to try mediation but doesn’t feel confident on their own. They can then get ‘in the moment’ legal advice thus can make decisions quickly.
  5. Where the issues or the law in the case are complex. 
  6. I'll stop a from lawyer ‘grandstanding’ or being unhelpful.

I am an experienced hybrid mediator so do ask me about this service.