It may not be easy but I've seen very tricky issues resolved using the methods I advocate...

Jo O'Sullivan

Welcome to O'Sullivan Family Law, Brighton and Lewes

Jo O’Sullivan’s aim is to provide you with 'the good divorce'.  I am available on a Saturday and weekday evenings so that you can contact me or have mediation sessions when it suits you.

  • "Dear Jo, many thanks for all the help, advice & support through the divorce. You made a very stressful time a lot easier." Collaborative client with one child, North Brighton
  • "Thanks Jo for the support and being a very good listener."
    Collaborative client, 2 children, Fiveways
  • "You made the whole thing less onerous."
    Collaborative client, 2 children, Hove

Collaborative Law

A Collaborative Divorce means you have more control over the process. Collaborative law/practice is usually less costly and more effective. You and your ex work together with me and your ex's lawyer to create a safe, professional environment for a resolution to be achieved.

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Mediation is a process to help resolve disputes. I meet with you and your partner in an impartial role. Together we identify those issues you can't agree on and I help you to try and reach agreement. As a family solicitor I can greatly assist you in reaching legally enforceable agreements.

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Negotiated Settlements

I will always find possibilities to resolve conflict and devise ways to negotiate not litigate. After negotiating proposals a solution is reached that is acceptable to you both and then converted into a Consent Order or a Deed of Separation.

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