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Useful Reading


The Divorce Doctor
Fancine Kaye
Published by Hay House London 2009 - ISBN 978-1-84850-089-1

The Guide for Separated Parents: Putting Your Children First
Karen and Nick Woodall
published by Piatkus Books London 2007 - ISBN 978-0-7499-4000-3

RELATE: How to Have a Healthy Divorce
Paula Hall
published by Random House, London, 2008 - ISBN 9780091924003

Resolution Guide “Separation and Divorce: Helping parents to help children
Christina McGhee 2008

Books for parents


  • Divorce without court (Katherine Stoner)
  • Collaborative Law (Pauline Tesler)
  • A client’s guide to a collaborative divorce (Gillian Bishop)
  • Which : Divorce and Splitting Up (Imogen Clout) – legal & financial guide

Supporting your children

  • How to talk so your kids will listen (Faber and Mazlish)
  • Putting Children First (Karen and Nick Woodall)
  • We’re still family (Constance Aurons)
  • Caught in the Middle (Anne Charlish)
  • Parenting: what really counts (Susan Golombok)
  • Helping your kids to cope with divorce in the Sandcastles Way (Gary Neuman)
  • Divorce Book for Parents (Vicki Lansky)
  • Help your children cope with your divorce (Relate)
  • What about the children? (Julie Lynn Evans)
  • Parenting Apart (Christina McGhee)
  • Lost Children: Guide for separating parents (Penny Cross)


  • How to have a healthy divorce (Relate)
  • Moving on: breaking up without breaking down (Relate)

Step families

  • Step Parents’ Parachute (Flora McEvedy)
  • Step Families (Relate)

Moving on / rebuilding

  • The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People: (Stephen R. Covey)
  • Starting Again (Relate)

Books for children

Books to read with very young children

  • Divorce without court (Katherine Stoner)
  • Dinosaur’s divorce (Laurene Krasny Brown and Marc Brown)
  • Two homes (Claire Masurel)
  • When mom and dad separate (Marge Heegaard)
  • Two of Everything (Babette Cole)
  • It’s not your fault Koko Bear (Vicki Lansky)
  • Was it the chocolate pudding? (Sandra Levins)
  • How do I feel about my parent’s divorce? (Julia Cole)

Under 10

  • Lemons to Lemonade (DVD and work book – Christina McGhee)
  • What do you know about divorce and separation? (Pete Sanders and Steve Myers)

Young teenagers

  • The Divorce Help book for kids (Cynthia MacGregor)
  • Mom’s house, Dad’s house when parents separate ( Isolina Ricci)
  • Google Eyes (Anne Fine)
  • Step by wicked step (Anne Fine)
  • The Worry Website (Jacqueline Wilson)
  • Help my family is driving me crazy (Kathryn Lamb)
  • Flour Babies (Anne Fine)