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£500 Mediation Vouchers are available here

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£500 Mediation Vouchers are available here

Further free £500 Mediation Vouchers announced!

The Ministry of Justice has already spent just over £3m (plus admin costs) on the £500 max Voucher Scheme to date.  They have committed to yet more expenditure on these valuable mediation vouchers.  The couples (and possibly grandparents etc) that qualify are those who:

  1. Have a dispute relating to a child
  2. Have a dispute regarding family financial matters and also involved a dispute relating to a child
  3. Have attended a MIAM or a first meeting with their mediator (not funded by the Voucher Scheme)
  4. The mediation is undertaken by a Family Mediation Council Accredited mediator

I am an accredited mediator.

There is no financial eligibility, unlike legal aid. (NB Legal Mediation is still available which I don't do).

Of those who use mediation vouchers:

  1. 77% reached a conclusion in whole or in part;
  2. 48% of clients would not have used mediation had it not been for the scheme.

I can only think that many cases have avoided court, which is still struggling because of COVID.

The scheme is operated by the Family Mediation Council; its member organisations are The Law Society, Resolution, The College of Mediators and Family Mediators Association.  Representatives from each group have been part of an ongoing sub committee meeting every 2 weeks to monitor the scheme and ensure its success. I have been honoured to represent The Law Society.  

I am pleased to be offering this cost saving service so do please ask me about it when we first start mediation together. The scheme is time limited in that I must claim the voucher within 4 months of applying for a voucher.

£500 Mediation Vouchers are available here

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£500 Mediation Vouchers are available here