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Can we change the collaborative process?

Is the collaborative process a contractual one?  …..and should we change the...

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What is a Family Law Supervisor?

What is a Family Law Supervisor and how can it help lawyers and clients?  I am very...

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Can mediation deal with pensions on divorce?

Can mediation deal with pensions on divorce? Jo:  So Mena, you are an accomplished...

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Timing is Everything

‘Timing is everything’ as they say. How does timing play a part in separation and...

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Just say no to legal letters

    Is it a good idea to ask your lawyer to write you a letter to your ex? I am...

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Cohabitation claims and the pitfalls of court

I welcome Graeme Fraser to this Blog which is all about claims relating to Cohabitation.  He...

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Child Inclusive Mediation

Why use Child Inclusive Mediation ?  Can Child Inclusive Mediation be used in Lockdown? ...

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What is a Family Consultant in the Collaborative process and why use one?

Jo O'Sullivan : Welcome to my guest blog with Leia Monsoon of Family Transitions and Sussex...

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The review - Collaborative conundrums


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Groundhog Day

On this day according to folklore, if the weather is bad when the groundhog comes out of its...

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