The usual method of divorcing leaves the children in a vacuum that echoes through their childhood and effects all their adult relationships...

Jo O'sullivan

Negotiated Settlements

Negotiation not Litigation

I will always find possibilities to resolve conflict and devise ways to negotiate not litigate.


Kitchen table agreement

This is where you and your ex discuss issues - with or without lawyers - and come to your own agreement.

Advice from myself or another Family Lawyer should be considered and certainly before any agreement is signed. I (or the other lawyer) can then convert that agreement into a document for the court to order (a consent order) or into a Separation Deed.

You can work with me through the Our Family in Two Homes workbook to find out what is really important to you.

Negotiations through Lawyers

I (or your ex’s lawyer) prepares a resolution that he or she believes is fair and shares that with the other party. This is achieved through letters or at "round table meetings". After negotiating these proposals a solution is reached that is acceptable to you both. This is then converted into a Consent Order or a Deed of Separation with the lawyers agreeing content.

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