The usual method of divorcing leaves the children in a vacuum that echoes through their childhood and effects all their adult relationships...

Jo O'sullivan


Mediation and separating and separated couples

I am recognised as an accredited family mediator with the Family Mediation Council.  I am accredited for all issues mediation, which means I can help you with facilitating arrangements for the children and finances.  

Anyone involved in family proceedings is aware that the use of mediation provides a very real and often successful alternative to going to court to resolve their dispute.  It is seen as a really cost effective way to sort things out for separating families.  

What is mediation?

It’s a process to help resolve financial and children arrangements.  

I give lots of legal information to help you make decisions.  This will fall short of legal advice for which I always recommend that you get. 

How does mediation work?

I meet with you each individually, in the first instance, so we can get to know each other and see if we all feel mediation is appropriate.  This meeting is agreed to be confidential.  

The first mediation meeting

You and your partner will then meet with me and outline the issues you need to resolve. If you have children then I will focus on them first and check to see how arrangements are working out. We might also talk about how to provide your financial information, fix the date or dates of future meetings and/or raise anything which is of immediate concern to either or both of you.

Working out the details

Further meetings will be scheduled at which we may need to consider options for the children. You may also exchange financial information and consider options to sort things out. I may suggest other help, such as financial advice or support for your children. Between meetings you may wish to meet with your lawyer for advice.

Finalising the proposals

Once you have proposals you both find acceptable l will prepare a summary of these together with a summary of the financial information which will be sent to each of you to discuss with your lawyers. After you have both received legal advice those lawyers will convert the summary into a legally binding document and carry out any necessary implementation.

MIAM (Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting)

The Pre-action Protocol requires parties who intend to issue family proceedings to attend a meeting to learn about family mediation and other Dispute Resolution processes, unless certain exemptions apply.  This is known as a MIAM's meeting (Mediation, Information and Assessment Meeting).  Often when couples hear about mediation they use it as a mechanism to bring about agreement rather than court. In the alternative, I can complete the relevant court forms noting that you have attended a MIAM's meeting with me or that I have assessed mediation as not being appropriate. 

Please call me to discuss mediation or any of the other options I offer. Call me on 07780 676 212  or email me on