It may not be easy but I've seen very tricky issues resolved using the methods I advocate...

Jo O'Sullivan

Parenting after Parting

Parenting plan

Parenting responsibility

Most separating couples want to put the children first but just need some help to do so. Therefore, I asked Penny Coombes (Brighton based) and Stephanie Davies-Arai (Lewes based)  (both leading child experts) a to develop and deliver a course of help.

The course covers 7 aspects that are crucial for parents to try to get right:

  1. When and how do you tell the children you are separating?
  2. How and when to separate?
  3. Your principles and objectives as parents?
  4. What arrangements for the children will you make?
  5. What is your family’s story?
  6. Issues and changes that effect the children now and possibly in the future (medical treatment, schools etc)
  7. Implications (including financial) of the agreements of 1-6

In my experience having a child-focused agreement helps the parties reach a sensible and workable financial agreement.

Group courses (there are three) can be attended either as a couple or as individuals. The first session focuses on managing your separation, dealing with such issues as how and when to tell the children. The second session focuses on how to help your children, and you, in managing feelings and issues that arise from contact and co-parenting issues. The third session looks at the longer terms, and how to cope wit issues such as a new partner, new baby, a move away and step families with other siblings. 

In the alternative, you can have a course for you as an ex couple and can really focus on the issues relating to you and your family.

Call Brighton based Penny at Iris on 01273 315430  or email or visit her website for Iris Brighton.

In Lewes contact Stephanie Davies-Arai at her website or email her on  or call on 07707026595 .

Stephanie has also written a brilliant book called 'Communicating with Kids' which I commend to all parents once the child is able to say, 'no'!

Virtual help

The Parent Connection have sessions and videos to help; I really recommend a look and engagement with the site.

Check out the Resolution website and in particular advice for parents is an absolute must and a fantastic place to start your research.

Relate also offer very useful information for divorcing and separating couples at their website.

In any event you may want to read around the subject so I have prepared a reading list to help you.

If you would like to consider your options please contact me on 07780 676 212  or email me on