My clients and I open the door to the creative problem solver within them, their ex and their ex's lawyer...

Jo O'Sullivan

Sussex Family Solutions

I helped form Sussex Family Solutions which uses an integrative approach to supporting couples when a relationship breaks down. 

When couples separate although there are clearly legal and financial issues which will ultimately need to be resolved the most immediate and pressing needs to be addressed are emotional.

Only when the emotional response is heard, acknowledged and supported can an individual genuinely work toward achieving resolution of the financial and legal issues.

In some traditional cases these three aspects might be given consideration independently but it is rare for the three elements to be dealt with by a team of professionals committed to working together in an integrated way to provide the support and advice needed to help an individual through the pain and grief of a separation.

Sussex Family Solutions is a team of Sussex based collaborative lawyers, mediators, life coaches, counsellors, financial advisers and financial coaches have joined forces to  work together to support separating couples and their families.  This is a new approach designed to give individuals and couples the right advice and support from the right professional at one of the most difficult times in their lives. Working as a group the individual members of Sussex Family Solutions can join together to help you through the process, helping you to achieve emotional closure, a better co-parenting relationship after separation, financial security and the support you need through and after the legal process.

See the Sussex Family Solutions website for more details.

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